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Welcome to the New Year!

posted 15 Jan 2011, 12:25 by Rebecca Morgan
About two weeks late posting this but... Happy New Year! Hope everyone had really happy holidays!

We're taking it easy this month, still taking commissions, but won't be massively increasing the workload for another few weeks yet. The main reason is because we're trying to get new supplies of wood so we can make out own blanks - such as suitable wood for burning that can also be turned or that we can cut/make into more interesting things. I'm also personally trying to improve on my artistic skills, so I can burn more elaborate designs onto handmade items, as opposed to manufactured blanks!

We're hoping you all find the wait to be worth it! We're also planning on doing some more events and fairs, especially the more pagan or mind/body/spirit themed ones :)

Have a happy January, and we'll keep you posted! Don't forget to join our Facebook page here for regular updates!