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Snowy November!

posted 29 Nov 2010, 05:44 by Rebecca Morgan
My goodness me the weather we've been having!

Living in Shrewsbury we've been fairly free of it, until Saturday morning we woke up to a world completely white! Luckily it didn't snow all weekend, but this morning (Monday 29th) it was nearly minus 6 degrees... Needless to say, living at the bottom of a vertical hairpin bend made getting the 'hubby' to work somewhat exciting...

We've been predicted by the weathermen that there's worse to come next week... I'm just hoping we (and the customers) can make it to the fair on Saturday!
Driving for more than one and a half hours, and back again, in heavy snow does not sound safe at all... So here's wishing for a nice warm snow-free weekend! It can snow all it wants after that :)