Here are a few links to some interesting websites on the history of pyrography, and even some friends 

of Morganna Craft. 

If you would like your website listed here, just contact us and join the family!

Internet info on Pyrography:
  • The Wikepedia page detailing what pyrography is and some of its history

MC's internet empire:
  • Loving sister to Morganna Craft, Kayleigh Emma Morgan's music website page, with links to her MySpace

Fellow crafters and friends of MC:

  • For all your pagan needs visit, full of shiny items as well as crystals and accessories!
  • For a wonderful Facebook page to meet and talk and find others of a like mind visit The Gathering Tree
  • MC's Aunty Sarah, sister to 'Mama MC' has her own wicked cake company! Check them out here.
  • For some lovingly hand beaded shiny things visit Robin Prine's Etsy shop here!
  • Handmade soaps, bath and body care products - verified members of the Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers!
  • Handmade goodies such as cards and candles by fellow crafters Laura Jane and Gordon Quick
  • Fantastic website for handmade cards and beaded jewellery by Kate Davies
  • 'Artifarti' on Facebook - a page for artists to 'show their stuff'! Some fantastic  artisans, take a look
  • Tracey, who runs 'Artifarti', has her own stunning handmade jewellery page on Facebook here
  • Check out this beautiful website Hedge-Witchery where they offer gorgeous hand made amulets and readings!