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Terms and Conditions

We know these sound really scary but this is the horribly official bit!
For a far more informal chat please email morgannacraft@gmail.com
Or meet us at one of our events listed on Facebook

General Information

We (Rebekah and Janet Morgan) design EVERY item ourselves, therefore Copy-write strictly belongs to Morganna Craft since 2010

If a piece advertised here is unavailable for any reason (for example we haven't updated quick enough after a craft fair!) we are happy to make the same design again but please note:
If a previous design is asked to be repeated it will NOT be identical, because each piece of work is drawn free hand

While our photography skills leave a lot to be desired, we do take every photograph of our items ourselves
We do our best to make the photos of our items, as well as step-by-step commission photos, as accurate a representation as possible

All handmade items are made from reclaimed or rescued wood whenever possible, and is from renewable wood sources when not
This means these items may include unique natural features

Ordering Information

All orders can be made by emailing morgannacraft@gmail.com 
- no newsletter or sign up, just informal so feel free to ask any questions or requests you may have!

All payments are through PayPal as we feel it is the safest and most convenient option for everyone
Alternate methods of payment can be discussed via email, however credit/debit card payments cannot be accepted EXCEPT through the PayPal feature (you do not need a Paypal account for this, but you do need an email address)

We ship our items using Royal Mail unless you have specified an alternative preference in your email

All postage quotes we give are relevant to UK
Please discuss in your email if you require international shipping and we will find the best shipping option for you

We work from our home in Llanelli, South Wales
If you are local to us we are more than happy to hold an item for pick up at one of our craft stalls, or even arrange a meet-up in person

For The Best Care Of Your Item

We add a protective finish of wax or balsam to our pieces - EXCEPT Kitchenalia

Kitchenalia items - spoons, spatulas, chopping boards, etc - are left as untreated wood so they are hygienic and safe for use

As with all wooden kitchen items, our Kitchenalia items are not impervious to staining or wear, and may darken or dull over time

We can add an outdoor varnish for commissions on request, but please bear in mind this takes extra time

Returns Policy

During the commission-making process we are diligent in our communication and will send you step-by-step sketches of designs BEFORE any burning commences or any payment is taken -
This gives you the option to be absolutely happy with your order before the commitment of payment

Once a design is finalised or an inscription requested a PayPal invoice including the calculated postage cost is sent

Burning will not commence until the invoice amount is paid in full

We try our absolute best to complete an order in a timely manner and give a projected timeline during correspondence before payment is requested - this gives you the freedom to cancel your order without pressure if you are unhappy with the quote we give you

Personalised goods CANNOT be returned unless there has been an error in shipping and you receive an incorrect item

We keep all proof of postage should the worst happen and your item does not arrive

If an incorrect item has been received we will refund the postage cost for the item to be returned to us while we send you the correct item
(with hugs and kisses and a big apology!)

For obvious hygiene reasons we cannot accept returned earrings - no matter whether inscribed or not - sorry!


We do not pass ANY of your information - personal or otherwise - on to any third party unless at your express request

By sending us an email you will be not subjected to an inbox full of newsletters or junk mail - we ONLY correspond relevant to your inquiry/order
(Any special offers or news we have is only shared on Facebook - we won't send you anything!)