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If you have something specific in mind...

Here's a Rough Price Guide for orders:

Bookmark - £12.00
Box - Price dependant on size and type of box, ranging from £8.00 upwards
Plaque or sign - Price dependant on size, ranging from £6.00 for mini ones upwards to £100 or more for big detailed monstrosities!
Keyring - £6.00
Jewellery set (pendant and/or earrings) - upwards from £8.00, dependent on size, detail, added charms or chains - endless options!
Bangle/bracelet - £10.00
Hairbrush - Large £20.00, Small £15.00
Kitchen item - Spoon £6.00
Kitchen item - Chopping board upwards from £15.00
Kitchen item - Rolling pin upwards from £8.00
WEDDING FAVOURS - any number and any available item, we can work it out to fit your needs!


Or if you would like a general chat about options please email us at morgannacraft@gmail.com